Essentials Travel Kit: Skin & Hair Care


Self-care day? Covered. Spa day? We got you. Something to look forward to during the week – we understand! Bring us home for a grounding, full sensory experience.

The Essentials Travel Kit is an introductory version of our original skin health line.  The kit allows for ample experimenting with each of our products to assess which work best for you!


Tlahuilli Exfoliant | Cleanser Dust is a game-changing effective, gentle cleanser that’s also a non-abrasive, non-irritating exfoliant.

Xonacatl Nutritive Serum nourishes while hydrating ideal for those concerned with signs of aging, redness, dull complexion, dryness, wrinkles, irritation or uneven skin tone.

Coatl Meztli: Snake Moon Body Polish gently exfoliates for supple, glowing, unbelievably soft skin the skin while enveloping the space in our Petrichor scent.

Yectenehua Multi-Use Oil our nourishing and softening whole body use moisturizing oil which doubles as a hair and scalp oil then triples into massage oil.


*The products will last you a few uses; do apply them generously to get the desired experience!

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