Petrichor Cleansing Mist – Body | Room | Linen Spray


Our botanical perfume is based on our favorite scent, that of petrichor in the air after storms passed. Petrichor is an unmistakable scent that carries a familiar thread recognized the same everywhere while being seasonally and geographically unique.

For us, petrichor is the scent of favorite memories and daydreams; encompassing dualities of anchoring one to the present and carrying us off in our imagination to the past and the future.


How to use:

Spray liberally on the skin for a lingering scent, or spritz above your head for an invigorating space in your room.



Proprietary Coatl Meztli Petrichor EO scent blend, saccharum officinarum (sugar cane rum), bursera protium (white copal), grain alcohol (rectified spirit).

The symbols in the ingredients section stand for the following: *organic, ǂ wild-harvested + lab-tested, (when available), Ւ food grade

The ingredient list is subject to change without notice due to the availability of raw materials.